The Fit Lab is located on the West side of Savannah.  The first
training studio brought to you by Preserve the Curves.  It is
nothing like you are used to.  The Fit Lab is not a gym, it is not a
fitness center, it is a private training studio like not other. No
Crowds, No Fuss, No Unwanted Audience.

Equipped with everything you need to assist you in reaching
your personal fitness goals. Whether it's to lose weight, tone up,
build strength, for sports or competition preparation
or just improve your over all health... The Fit Lab can get your
there. Using comprehensive exercise methods that have been
proven to be the most effective for reaching your goals. The
exercise concepts used in The Fit Lab are not only researched
but customized to fit each person's individual body type, fitness
level and personal fitness goal.
Women's Private Training Studio
2011 Mills B Lane Savannah, GA 31405 - (912) 376-0219